How to use Employee Attendance Sheet Excel Template?

Employee Attendance Sheet Excel: Recording attendance is a normal activity which is performed on a daily basis in most of the schools, colleges, and institutes. Apart from that, most of the companies & businesses also record the attendance of their employees to keep a check on their work performance. Attendance sheets help in managing the track of employees presence and contribution during a particular period of time. It’s important to keep a check on every employee’s presence and absence. This sheet could be taken into account while deciding a lot of other important factors such as job promotions, salary hike, etc. Many companies have the criterion of awarding the most consistent employee with the most fewer absentees.

Use Employee attendance sheet forms for tracking or recording the attendance at a workplace, meeting, or any event. If you have a responsibility of creating an attendance sheet then check the information below to learn how to create an attendance sheet in excel and how to use it properly.

What is Employee Attendance Sheet?

Employee attendance sheet is like a document which is used to record the presence, absence, and sick leave of employees. Many companies or businesses use attendance sheets not only for recording the attendance information but also for creating a reward system for employees in order to award the employee with the most consistent attendance.

Attendance Sheets are part of almost all the businesses. Nowadays, there are automatic biometric attendance recorders available which do all the work and prepare an excel sheet. If you’re an established business or have a budget to spend then use paid attendance recorders or else just use MS Excel to create an employee attendance sheet.

How to create an Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel?

MS Excel is the most preferred software when it comes to make an attendance sheet. All you need is a basic knowledge of MS Excel and you’re good to go.

There are columns and rows in excel. What you need to do is add column headings for student names, date, and total monthly attendance. Use rows for writing names of the students and a separate for marking daily attendance. MS Excel offer a SUM formula with the help of which you can calculate totals. You just need to apply the SUM formula to get a report of attendance for individual students .

Similarly, you can create an attendance sheet for a meeting, event, social gathering, or any other event to collect the contact information, record attendance, or other relevant information.

Terminologies Used for Attendance Sheet

Following are the short forms used to mark things in attendance sheet.

P = Present. (Turns the cell green with conditional formatting).

A = Absent. (Turns the cell red with conditional formatting).

OT = Over Time.

L = Late.

SL = Sick Leave.

PL = Paid Leave.

NH = National Holiday.

EL = Earned Leave.

FH = Festive Holiday.

CL = Casual Leave.

ML = Maternity Leave.

H = Other Holiday.

TR = Training.

How to Use Google Sheets?

Google sheets are part of almost all the businesses and companies around the world. Here is what you need to do in order to start using Google Sheets.

  • You need a Gmail account for this.
  • Signup for Gmail account first.
  • If you already have an account then simply sign in.
  • Visit
  • Click on “Go to Google Sheets”
  • Enter your Gmail login credentials i.e. email address and password
  • Click on “Blank” at the top left.
  • That’s it, use the sheet as per your need or work requirement.

Download Employee attendance spreadsheet Excel template

Here is the sample of employee attendance sheet available in MS Excel format. Use the links shared below to download this sample sheet.

Employee Attendance Sheet, Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

Download Link

Employee attendance sheet in Excel format

Employee attendance sheet in JPG format


There are numerous online tools & software available which allow to record & manage the attendance of an employee, but still, MS Excel is the most used software which most of the businesses use to manage their employee’s attendance and work performance. Use MS Excel if you know how to use it and if you don’t know how to use it properly then simply download an excel template from here and then make changes in it as per your work need or requirement.

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