What is a Business Calendar and How to Use it – Make a Calendar

Planning is the most crucial part of every business. The success of a business depends on a lot of factors and Planning is one of the top most factor which decides the fate of a business. That’s why its important to pay attention while making a plan. A business calendar is something which you could use to make your planning in a better way. Most businesses utilize a business calendar template in preparation of the daily activities and errands that should be done to accomplish them.

What is a Business Calendar?

A business calendar is like a document which is used to plan, manage, schedule, and track business work activities. A calendar is something which helps in planning and executing the work and then track it accordingly.

It doesn’t matter what type of business are you or what’s your business size, you should make a habit of making a business calendar in order to manage all your business activities.

How to Make a Business Calendar?

  • You can easily make a calendar in MS Word or any word processing software.
  • If you are looking to save your time and efforts then simply download a template from the web and then take the print-out for a hard copy.
  • If you want a digital calendar then download it in PDF, Word, or Excel format. Take the print-out if you want a hard copy of the calendar.
  • Gather all the business events and schedules.
  • Put all your business schedules into a calendar. Make sure to mark the holidays and days off. Organize all your daily or monthly work activities in a better way.
  • Prioritize the important work, add reminders to keep yourself updated.
  • You could share a calendar with other people as well.

What are the uses of a Business Calendar?

  • You can manage all your business work activities and track them.
  • All your business events, schedules, and meetings can be viewed in a glance.
  • You can keep a check on the current work status.
  • You can check the task or work needed to be done in a day.
  • A calendar acts as a reminder as well.
  • Use a calendar to schedule new meetings depending on the dates and time available.

Download Business Calendar Template in Editable Format

Have a look at this sample template, the link to download a calendar is available below. A single click on the link is required to get to the download page or the download will start automatically.

Download Link

Business Calendar template in .doc Word format


Business calendar plays a major role in accomplishing the business goals within the desired time duration. Having a calendar template at a place is beneficial when it is desired to make a calendar in a couple of minutes. You can also create a calendar in MS Word or any word processing software. Use the free templates from here if you want to save your time and efforts.

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